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Royal Enfield models available to order from us here at AMR Motorcycles, just give us a call on 0141 886 5957 if you have any queries on availablity and stock.


The HNTR’s rider-first ergonomics, revised rake angle and low centre of gravity have been designed to let you effortlessly manoeuvre the streets of the world’s coolest neighbourhoods. An intuitive throttle response guarantees unprecedented agility with every flick of the wrist. With its shorter wheelbase, lighter weight and tighter geometry, the HNTR’s frame is fitted with a super maneuverable set of wheels, a hip retro-metro aesthetic and a 350cc J-engine that packs extra muscle for every hustle.


The Metro HNTR comes with new age, dual-colour liveries that blend in seamlessly with the world’s coolest neighbourhoods. The Cast alloy wheels, wide tubeless tyres, split aluminium rear grab rails and rounded rear lights.


The HNTR 350 loves to run relaxed and she likes to dance between curves. It reminds you of a motorcycle from another time that makes you want to enjoy riding At the heart of the Hunter beats a fuel-injected, long-stroke 350cc J-engine that delivers a smoother ride, higher RPM and dollops of torque.


Paired with a steady downtube spine frame and grounded suspension, the Hunter 350 gives the right amount of power and precision, whether you’re revving up the city streets or gunning down the motorway. Continuing the legend of the easy singles, the new engine throbs with a visceral beat that is distinctively Royal Enfield.

Royal Enfield HNTR Dapper

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