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The new Stelvio is here, the contemporary adventure tourer by Moto Guzzi, ready to accompany you everywhere with its unique style and state-of-the-art technology. The iconic name is borrowed from the Alpine pass, Italy's highest and most extensive mountain range and one of the places that embodies the ethos of this motorcycle legend.
With its 48 sharp turns it has become an enduring symbol for motorcyclists, evoking notions of enjoyment, exploration and triumph.


Born to travel, the new Stelvio was designed to allow you to make the most of every ride and expand your horizons without boundaries thanks to its 21-litre tank which has a range of over 400 km. Its electronically adjustable windscreen and a 19" spoked front wheel for tubeless tyres are synonyms of versatility.


An eye-catching design and a sound that reverberates deep within your chest. Embrace the liberating spirit of the journey every time you're in the saddle. Riding it is about savouring the open road in pure Moto Guzzi fashion, with no desire to be anywhere else in the world.


The new Stelvio stops at nothing, even when the road ends.
It offers five riding modes, including an off-road mode. Thanks to its tubeless spoked rims (19'' in the front and 17'' in the rear) and tyres, this bike is always ready for light off-road use. Its design places a strong emphasis on safety and comfort, as well as travel. Aerodynamics have been meticulously fine-tuned in a wind tunnel to offer optimum air protection, enriching the riding experience and ensuring comfort for both the rider and passenger.


PFF Rider Assistance Solution®

The Stelvio is the first Moto Guzzi equipped with PFF Rider Assistance Solution® technology as a factory option. The innovative solution was developed by Piaggio Fast Forward, the Boston-based robotics company founded by Piaggio in 2015.
Unlike traditional systems, it uses 4D radar imaging technology to provide an exceptionally wide field of vision. It also ensures the reliable monitoring of factors, regardless of the level of illumination and ambient conditions.


-If you opt for the version with PFF Rider Assistance Solution® it will cost £15,400.

-The front and rear PFF Rider Assistance Solution® devices have four different functions designed to improve safety and deliver a more rewarding riding experience


FCW Forward Collision Warning 

-Uses frontal radar to identify potential collisions with objects or other vehicles, flagging them up via signals on the bike's display. 


FCCFollowing Cruise Control

-Increases the efficiency and versatility of Cruise Control by regulating the bike's speed based on the vehicles in front, and intervening on theengine brake.


BLISBlind Spot Information System

-Detects vehicles in your blind spot within 30 metres and provides alerts on the display and rearview mirrors.


LCALane Change Assist 

-Detects potential collisions with vehicles coming from the side or behind when changing lane and indicates them on the display and rearview mirrors.

Moto Guzzi Stelvio

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