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The V85 interprets the epic spirit of Enduro bikes in a contemporary way. Authentic style combines with the E5+ engine’s performance and a comprehensive technology package that comes as standard.


Transforming every type of condition into an opportunity for new adventures, the V85 TT’s unstoppable nature epitomises the “All-Terrain” approach.



The 90° transverse V air-cooled, E5+ twin cylinder with titanium intake valves and variable timing ensures fast response no matter what the speed. The electronics package makes the most of the 6-axis inertial platform with ABS Cornering and Traction Control and it comes with four riding modes designed to make the most of all conditions. Choose from Road, Sport, Rain and the indispensable Off-road that enables you to adjust traction control.



At a height of 830 mm, the tapered saddle means you can easily rest your feet on the ground and also adopt a dynamic but comfortable riding position. A reduced dry weight of 209 kg also contributes to providing you with perfect control of the bike both on- and off road. Further assistance comes in the form of spoked rims with sculpted tread tubeless tyres, suspension with 170 mm travel, and ground clearance of 210 mm from the engine.



The V85 TT is also authentic when it comes to style and its evocative look is destined to excite before you even hop astride. The boldness of the two-tone colour schemes and red frame and shock absorber (with adjustable preload) combine with offroad features such as the aluminium sump plate and protective hand guards.

Moto Guzzi V85TT

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