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The best chassis is the one you don’t notice. From the versatile 21” front 17” rear wheel combination to the large enduro footpegs and wide handlebars, the Himalayan works with you in all situations on or off-road. The slim seat and tank let you get your feet firmly on the ground when you stop, while increased ground clearance and longer travel suspension let you choose the roughest tracks.


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-Quality suspension lets you keep the bike on the line you’ve chosen over the roughest terrain and that’s exactly what you get from the inverted Showa cartridge fork.


-The steel twin-spar frame is stronger, stiffer and narrower between the legs for improved comfort while riding in a standing position. Better handling, better stability and better balance.


-Ride-by-wire with four riding modes so you can tune the response to suit the terrain and your mood, while in the background the bike delivers smooth fuelling and better fuel economy.


-Engines and water don’t mix. But adventure and river crossings go hand-in-hand so we developed the Himalayan with a high up air intake under the tank to keep you rolling when the rivers are running high.


-Nobody wants to stop riding because they’re saddle sore. So the new Himalayan features an adjustable two-piece seat to keep both rider (825 mm) and pillion (845 mm) comfortable, along with an optional low seat (805 mm) to keep your feet on the ground at any altitude.


-Like the high-altitude Sherpa that inspired it, this engine has the torque to pull you out of a sandy hollow at 5,000 meters above sea level while being able to enjoy the 5 day trip back home afterward.


Himalayan models available from us here at AMR Motorcycles to pre order scheduled for March 2024, just give us a call on 0141 886 5957 if you have any queries.

Himalayan Kaza Brown

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