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Adventure Begins Where The Road Ends


Designed to redefine adventure touring, the 450MT combines multi-terrain capability with unmatched versatility. Shedding weight without compromising on power, its acclaimed engine delivers responsive performance and ample torque, ensuring an exhilarating ride every time.

Smartly-equipped for off-road escapades, the 450MT is tailor-made for the daring explorer. Whether you're navigating dirt trails or cruising through challenging landscapes, this machine is your ultimate companion for off-road thrills. Get ready to push the boundaries of exploration with the CFMOTO 450MT.



Crafted by the esteemed KISKA Designs, the CFMOTO 450MT undergoes a striking design evolution marked by meticulous attention to detail. Notable enhancements include a reoriented headlight, now vertically positioned to command attention with its dynamic presence, and a redesigned side spoiler exuding a rugged, upright stance reminiscent of off-road prowess.


Each element, from features to accessories, is carefully curated to uphold the MT's robust yet lightweight aesthetic, showcasing a commitment to durability and agility that defines the essence of CMOTO engineering.



Nimble handling and enduring comfort during extended journeys, the 450MT boasts a meticulously engineered trellis-style frame. Constructed from the same durable material as larger adventure touring bikes, this frame is optimised to amplify the off-road prowess of the 450MT.


Its design guarantees stability while maintaining a lightweight profile.

With a dry weight of 175 kg, the 450MT strikes a balance between agility and sturdiness.



Featuring a mid-size Parallel-twin Powertrain. Benefiting from a refined camshaft and optimised intake/exhaust system, combined with a strategic alteration in ignition angle, our engine now boasts enhanced low-end torque. This translates to swift initial responsiveness and peak torque achieved at 6250pm. Furthermore, torque output remains steadfast within the speed range of 5500pm to 7200rpm, ensuring a consistently smooth ride across diverse terrains.


With a displacement of 449.5cc, complemented by a 270° crankshaft and double balance shafts, our powertrain delivers unparalleled stability and performance.



Equipped with advanced KYB Suspension, the CMOTO 450MT ensures a smooth and controlled ride, allowing you to tackle diverse terrains with ease and confidence.


Front Suspension:

Featuring a robust ®41mm fork with adjustable compression and damping, and boasting an impressive 200mm stroke, the front suspension of the 450MT delivers exceptional responsiveness and stability, ensuring optimal handling in any riding conditions.


Rear Suspension:

The rear of the CMOTO 450MT is supported by a multi-link shock system, offering adjustable: preload, compression, and rebound settings. With a generous 200mm stroke, this rear suspension setup provides superior comfort and control, allowing you to conquer rough terrain with precision and agility.



Experience the Ultimate Control with TFT Curbed Display. Navigate your journey with ease using our innovative TFT Curbed Display, providing crystal-clear visuals and intuitive controls right at your fingertips.


Keep Your Cool with Big-size Radiators. 

Designed for maximum performance, our big-size radiators ensure optimal cooling efficiency, allowing you to push boundaries and explore without limits.


Equipped with durable spoked alloy wheels in a 21" front and 18" rear configuration, our tubeless design ensures superior traction and stability, allowing you to tackle any terrain with confidence and control.


Enhance your off-road experience with our specially crafted off-road focus pedals, providing enhanced grip and control for navigating rugged landscapes with ease.


Keep your devices charged and ready for action with our versatile 18w Type-C/Type-A charging port, ensuring you stay connected to the world around you no matter where your adventures take you.




BOSCH Dual-channel Switchable ABS


Experience the thrill of off-road riding with the ability to disable ABS on the rear wheel using a dedicated handlebar switch button. By allowing riders to lock up the back wheel and skill-fully navigate the bike's rear into corners, dirt trails become an exhilarating adventure.


BOSCH Traction Control System


The Traction Control System (TCS) swiftly reduces engine output within milliseconds, seamlessly intervening at the throttle valves to minimise slippage. With smooth and barely noticeable adjustments, the TCS ensures optimal traction for a confident ride on any terrain


Available to pre-order, please call us on 01418865957 if you have any queries.


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