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Welcome to the epitome of cruising excellence – the CFMOTO 450CL-C. More than just a cruiser motorcycle, it represents the perfect fusion of intricate detailing and timeless classic design. This exceptional ride seamlessly blends the essence of a cruiser with the spirit of boundless freedom, creating an unparalleled experience on the road.

In the saddle of the 450CL-C, it's not merely about comfort; it's about the pursuit of your true self. Feel the wind in your hair, hear the rumble of the engine, and experience the liberating sensation of the open road. The CFMOTO 450CL-C invites you to embrace the cool life of cruising – where every ride is a celebration of style, freedom, and the true essence of self.


LCD Display

The 450CL-C introduces innovation to the riding experience through its 3.6" retro-style round TFT curved display. This advanced interface not only supports navigation projection but also features built-in shift and flameout reminders. This intelligent technology adds a new dimension to the joy of riding.


Enhancing connectivity, the T-box facilitates seamless integration between the vehicle and your phone. With features like OTA upgrades, MotoPlay, security, anti-theft measures, track recording, and real-time viewing of vehicle information through the CMOTO RIDE app, the 450CL-C elevates the rider experience by providing convenience at your fingertips. Experience the future of riding with cutting-edge technology designed to enhance both safety and enjoyment on every journey.


Suspension & Brakes

The 450CL-C stands as your steadfast road companion, ready to conquer any journey with unwavering confidence. Featuring 037mm forks, it effortlessly glides over diverse terrains, ensuring a smooth and controlled ride. The front ®320mm single discs, firmly gripped by 4-radial calipers, and rear ®220mm single discs deliver exceptional stopping power, providing you with a secure and responsive braking experience.


Enhancing safety further, the 450CL-C comes equipped with standard ABS and a traction control system (TCS), ensuring you stay in command even on challenging surfaces. Trust in the 450CL-C's reliability as it not only paves the way for worry-free cruising but also offers a dynamic and secure riding experience for every adventure on the road.



Escaping the confines of prevailing labels like "sophisticated" and

"mature" saturating the market, the 450CL-C design champions uniqueness with its sleek, smooth, and minimalist lines.


This cruiser motorcycle boldly challenges conventional expectations, breaking free from the stereotype of sombre and gloomy impressions associated with traditional designs. It fearlessly embraces bold and youthful colour schemes, serving as a vibrant expression of the rider's passion for the open road. The 450CL-C is embellished with 36 metal parts, 7 nameplates, and 2 meticulously crafted brushed aluminum panels. The polished fuel tank cap stands out with its mirror-like shine, intricate gears, and flawless engravings. The 1989 nameplate and silver ring logo side covers elegantly showcase the mechanical prowess of this exceptional motorcycle.



The 450CL-C skillfully harmonizes comfort and style, providing a seat height of 690mm that cradles the rider in unparalleled comfort. The leather seat is enhanced with the innovative Pinstripe® Retro Technology, seamlessly blending unrívaled comfort with timeless style.


Each journey transforms into an embodiment of the authentic cruising spirit. With a curb weight of 181kg, stability is assured, ensuring a confident and secure ride. Ground Clearance: Witha ground clearance of 160mm. Riders can enjoy a better riding experience without concerns about bottoming out and discomfort.



The motorcycle is equipped with a sophisticated front and rear dual-channel ABS and TCS, forming a golden combination that ensures optimal safety. This dynamic system effectively manages scenarios like slippery roads, power-induced skidding, or wheel lifting, providing controlled braking and traction. This not only enhances safety but also instills confidence in the rider, ensuring a secure and enjoyable riding experience.


Central Alignment Innovation: Departing from the conventional dual configuration, the central suspension system enhances stability and cornering performance by evenly distributing forces.

This innovative design choice contributes to superior control and maneuverability, elevating the overall riding performance of the motorcycle.



The 450CL-C boasts a formidable presence on the road, redefining cruiser performance. With a remarkable maximum power of 30kW at 8000rpm and meticulously calibrated low-speed torque peaking at 42Nm at 6250pm, it encapsulates the irresistible charm of cruiser driving. The 270° crankshaft angle and double balance shaft work in harmony to deliver a ride that is both smooth and controlled, ensuring that vibrations never interfere with the sheer joy of your journey.


Infusing a touch of modern engineering into the classic cruiser experience, the innovative Gates Belt Drive efficiently transfers power while radiating sophistication. Experience a powerful and refined performance that sets the 450CL-C apart, making every ride an exhilarating and smooth adventure on the open road.


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