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The 2023 Bullet 350 is powered by the modern, globally acclaimed 349cc air-oil cooled single cylinder engine that also powers the Meteor, Classic and Hunter. Fuel-injected, it produces 20.2 bhp at 6100 rpm and 27 Nm of torque at 4000 rpm resulting in strong, low-end grunt, super smooth linear power delivery and a ride that’s both refined and invigorating. With a primary balancer shaft to cut down vibrations, it feels responsive and refined while its gear shifting is crisp and smooth thanks to an optimised 5-speed gearbox, ensuring a superlative ride experience. At the front are 41mm forks, a 100/90 -19 tyre and a 300mm disc brake. The rear sports a wider 120/80 -18 tyre and 270mmdisc brake. Comfort is ensured by a new take on the single bench seat with careful attention paid to both ergonomics and quality materials.

The chassis is designed for improved handling and manoeuvrability. Firmer than on previous Bullets, it encourages confidence at higher cornering speeds and feels planted and stable on straight roads. This is enhanced by large diameter 41mm front forks and wider section tyres, a 100/90 -19 at the front and 120/80 -18 at the rear as compared to past Bullet versions. A 300mm disc brake is fitted at the front and 270mm disc at the rear. Comfort is ensured by a new take on the single bench seat which, along with redesigned mudguards, contributes to the subtly evolved styling, a marked improvement in the proportion, stance and aesthetic balance of the motorcycle.


If ever there was a motorcycle that has stood the test of time, it is the legendary Royal Enfield Bullet. When unveiled in 1932, its advanced features were at the forefront of motorcycle design. Radically updated in 1948, its ground breaking swinging arm rear suspension took the motorcycling world by storm and all other motorcycle manufacturers quickly followed suit.

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