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The TRK Range

The Benelli TRK series is a lineup of adventure touring motorcycles designed by the Italian company Benelli. These bikes are designed for riders who enjoy both on-road and off-road adventures. Key features of the Benelli TRK series typically include robust engines, comfortable ergonomics, long-travel suspension for off-road capability, and distinctive adventure styling. These motorcycles are versatile and suitable for various riding conditions, making them popular among adventure-seeking motorcyclists.

trk 702 image.jpg

The new TRK 702X available to order now!

Towards new horizons. The TRK 702 X is a pure adventure bike, extremely versatile, agile and manoeuvrable, designed to tackle any type of route, both on asphalt and off-road, and built to ultimately embark on new and exciting adventures. Passion, freedom and fun in a single motorbike, whichever way you choose to go and with no limits on your desire to travel. The TRK 702 X is in fact a mature motorbike, ideal for those who want a solid, authentic and easy-to-use twowheeler. A motorbike capable of guaranteeing optimum performance without ever putting the rider in difficulty, developed by the Benelli R&D department and Style Centre to expand the range of adventure bikes from the House of the Leoncino, positioned in the mid-range segment.  A motorbike conceived and developed entirely in Pesaro, which features a unique and extremely recognisable design, shared with its road-orientated “sister”, with smooth and dynamic lines, giving this Benelli two-wheeler a very aggressive character, with a strong identity. The design of the TRK 702 X arose from the need to evolve the concepts introduced on the TRK Family. Consolidating and making the most characteristic stylistic design elements recognisable, transforming them into features characteristic of the TRK. Features such as the headlight, with a double LED module set into the iconic mask structure, or the design of the tank, with the area in contact with the rider's legs made of metal, to ensure minimum volume and allow maximum freedom of movement, without compromising the capacity of the tank, a generous 20 litres. Other distinguishing features of the new TRK 702 X, shared with the other newcomers in the range, are the rear grab handles, which are generous and long to offer maximum comfort for the passenger, while at the same time providing a very important stylistic feature, defining the tail of the motorbike. 


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